Creating an account is easy, click “Sign up” below to registration link. Once you create, you will get our international warehouse addresses which are located in USA, Europe, Japan, China and Singapore. You have to fill up the right information in required fields and read careful Terms of use, Privacy Policy. After finished your sign up process, the OTP code will send your SMS, then you will get the GabarMart account. After successfully finish all step, system will bring you to your Dashboard. This is where you will find all relevant information to help you use Gabarmart service.

You can find your international addresses under “My Addresses”. As youcan see in the name box, GB-XXXX-XXXX, is mentioned before your name. This is to identify your package at our international warehouse. Now, it’s time for shopping all around the world!

Note: Please do not forget to use the complete [GB-XXXX-XXXX Your Name] name when you register on your ecommerce sites. If the complete correct address is not provided, we will not know it is your package and we will not be able to deliver to you.


Now, you can shop the ecommerce websites from related with those five countries which are linked with our GabarMart website. If the ecommerce website which are not included in our website, you can shop and fill up correctly our international warehouse address for shipping. You have to fill up correctly the billing address which is your Myanmar home address, means your credit card address when you been created.

Note: You have to create account not only at GabarMart but also in your buying ecommerce website, if you have no account. It will need to create two times. If you have account for your buying website, you can shop directly. You can buy only less than $500 and before you buy, read carefully the prohibited items of respective countries. For more details of Myanmar Prohibited items, Please see the following link:


Once your package has arrived at our GabarMart international warehouse, you’ll receive SMS and email notification. Afterward, you will need to go GabarMart login page. Then, you can see your dashboard and check your package details information. If your package has invoice, warehouse staff will do declaration. That time, you can do your shipping process.

After that, we’ll keep you updated with tracking updated along the way, and you can also check the delivery status in your GabarMart account by clicking the “My tracking” tab.

Note: In order to proceed your shipping process, you have to check in “Package Arrived” section. If your package has no product value or invoice, you have to make declaration to be completed your shipping process.

Warning: A warehouse will be held not more than 21 days as free from the process date. If the free holding 21 days finish, customer will have to pay for holding fees which will depends on each overseas warehouse as long as they allow. After that, the overseas warehouse will discard your package.


After your shipping process is finished, system will ask you to select your Myanmar address to deliver. If you want to enter more address at this time, click on “Add New” and enter your new delivery address. But you can only select one address at a time if you entered multiple addresses.

Then, you have to pay for shipping charge by entering your payment information for payment. If the payment is successful, you can download you invoice. Gabarmart will proceed to deliver your package to your delivery address.

You can check your shipped package under “My Tracking” section in your dashboard. When your package has arrived Myanmar and to deliver your selected delivery address, you will get SMS and email notification. Then, GabarMart will deliver to your home doorstep.